Well it seems after a flurry of activity on SLR I got a little too busy and haven’t been posting. Where was I? I said I’ve been busy (and I’m OK mom), really really busy.

The past month I’ve started, stopped, continued and dropped about a half dozen projects and story ideas as I continue my quest to land the summer photo internship I’ve had my eye for at least the past ten years (oh yes, it shall me mine).

And sprinkle in between the freelance work that I’ve been able to get my hands on, which of course means there’s the continued odyssey of actually getting paid for the work I do (seriously I hate the bushiness side, I need a manager, anyone want 10%?).

I also got mentioned in an article on SportsShooter (thank you Jim for thinking of me).

And just the other day I saw that I placed third in the portrait category for the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association May clip contest (whoo-hoo!!).

In about six hours I’ll be hoping on a plane to Miami for a week with the Asian American Journalism Association‘s annual convention.

I was selected for the Voices project, their multimedia student newsletter for the week and this year the theme in the newsroom is convergence (synergy is so 90s… sorry, couldn’t resist) and I’ve spent the last two months researching and writing articles instead of picking up a camera.

I’m not sure what the policy is on talking about the stories, so I’ll play it safe and say it involved interviewing some heavy hitters in the future of journalism, and it amazes me just how easily I was able to get in contact with some people I think are too important to be giving out their cell phone numbers to me.

In the last couple of weeks I was able to talk to Rob Curly, Andrew Keen, Josh Wolf, Angela Grant, Robert Scobble, Andrew DeVigal and many many others (and the thought did occur to me to create news radio type podcasts for fun, but of course ideas are only as good as the adapter you have)

After Miami, it’s off to NYC (call me east coast friends!) for a week to play the field and talk to some editors (we’ll see). But I’m hoping that during the drive up from Miami I’ll be able to drop in on some editors and show them my dancing shoes (Rob? What? Did you call my name?… I wish!).

In other news, there’s an online web champaign for a multinational corporation that I somehow ended up associated with (can’t say too much just yet).

I might be traveling the world as official photog for a series of exhibitions (if I get it, expect some calls, I’ll get to hire my own staff) if the promise turns into reality.

I also scored some pictures for an article in XXL as well. I haven’t seen it, but it’s the issue with 50cent on the cover.

And right now I’m sitting outside the track at the San Jose Grand Prix and (no wait, this link! The opening makes me giddy… oh sorry, that’s pdb) taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi (sweet, the “capital of Silicon Valley” finally realized free wi-fi is cheep and easy).

Naturally (naturally) I’ve got one or two other things cooking at the moment, but I can’t reveal all my secrets just yet (ok, here’s a hint: cinematic, score, agency).

On the disappointments, I also found out that I wasn’t selected for Nick Kristof’s experiment in new media reporting (they’re doing some nice work that I can’t link to), or to this years crop of Barnstormers (I do like the new web design though), and I also had to drop out of a student convention project after just sqweeking in (short-lived victories… so long San Diego, I never knew thee) because I had to go and get an internship instead.

There’s always next year (oh yes, it shall be mine).

I’ll be starting at the Albuquerque Journal at the end of August (and I still need a place), and I was excited before, but now I’m really really excited since once again I’ll (finger’s crossed) get to be involved in shaping another papers multimedia projects. (I haven’t been able to stop practicing how to spell “albuquerque” since!).

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print (or is that print to fit?).

Actually wait, I have a better sign off. Here’s a goldie from my days writing columns for the high school paper: Until next time, my pen is resting.