With all the commotion in my life the past few months, I virtually forgot all about this post I’ve had in mind for a while.

Things within the photojournalism department at San Jose State University are happening, the community is buzzing, the new crop of students are involved, and many of my colleges are getting out there and getting it done.

I’m interning at the Santa Cruz Sentinel as I’ve mentioned when it was pertinent to the topic, but I’m not the only one diving into the deep end of the professional world.

Hanna Thrasher and Jordan McKone are motoring around as interns at Scoot Magazine, the number one magazine about scooter culture in the world.

Diana Diroy is an intern at the Oakland Tribune and is producing some fine work. (*This just in, Diana’s photographs have found their way into the Mercury News for a page 1B news article on a SJSU student trip to Louisiana and the student organization that is trying to rebuild the region. The story is online, but her pictures are only in the paper, good thing I subscribe.)

Ashley Bess is interning with the city of San Jose and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. library, the biggest and freshed library west of the Mississippi.

Lawrence will be trading the left coast for the right* this summer for an internship at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Daniel Sato will be taking a hike to the St. Cloud Times in Minnesota.

And our photojournalism department head, Dr. Michael Cheers just found out that he’ll be spending his summer as one of this years crop of Faculty Fellow at National Geographic in Washington D.C. (Booya!)

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize these people and wish them all the best of luck.

*The west coast is always the right coast however.