No I’m not talking about Alberto Gonzales and the mass exodus of the Bush administration, I’m talking about my laptop battery.

Yup, it can’t hold a charge anymore, and I’ve been very limited in my online time. Darn.

I thought that only happened to Apple folks, seriously how many of you have not had to change the battery yet? And no I’m not Apple bashing, I’m just saying I’d rather spend $300 less on my tools.

But that’s not all folks… on my other laptop I now have two half-inch long bars of dead pixels. This thing was brand new in February, WTF!

And finally, oh yes the computer woos continue, on my work issued laptop (this one’s an Apple BTW) the screen degrades into a blurry pixelated mush every time I bring it out of sleep mode. No one knows what’s going on, but fellow ABQ Journal staffer Richard Pipes thinks it may have taken a bad fall in Iraq (great, even my laptop is a better traveling than me).

Yay technology!