For thousands of years man has been waking up and going to sleep and in between he has always asked the same question, a question that has pluaged every society, destroyed nations and united strangers, a question that will never die and had no birth.

It is the question that defines us: “when do we eat?”

And in the pursuit of that elusive answer lunchtime was created, and in order to keep track of lunchtime man invented the fourth dimension and ‘time’ was born. But time can rampant and started talking about ‘early birds’ and ‘magic hour’ and ‘brunch’ and man could not keep track of it all. Fearing that time may leave man for ‘space’ and ‘relativity,’ man decided to fashion a cage for time.

At first it was a crude device that depended on the orb in the sky and a pterodactyl that never complained much, only saying “hey it’s a living” every now and then. But it was refined and over the years it evolved into a compact space that’s often incorporated into microwaves and cell phones.

The clock has served humanity well, but the internet, as it often does, has decided that’s boring and I’m inclined to agree.

Humanclock merges photography, community and technology into a fun applet for your computer desktop. The idea is simple, anybody can submit a picture of a minute of a 24 hour day and the Humanclock rotates through them in sequential order to display the correct time.

It’s a creative project and a fun way of using old technology with new.

And if you prefer you can forgo Digital:

and go old skool with analog: