A couple of you saw me tweet this today and were curious about what I was up to.

“Walking around in the woods w/ boy scouts showing me where they found the dead body. Now I’ve nvr seen Stand by Me, but I imagine it’s this”

Well it turns out a group of friends were walking through the woods, hunting for birds with a BB Gun Friday evening, behind their homes when they came across a pair of old pants and what looked like a bone inside. Being Boy Scouts they quickly recognized it as a human bone and then found other human remains.


It was later learned that the remains were that of a man who went missing on Mother’s Day in May 2007 and police are still investigating a cause of death.

It was a surreal experience for me. On the one had a man had died where we were walking around. But on the other hand the kids didn’t see to be bothered by it and they and their parents were sort of in awe of the whole situation. It was a strange mix of respect for the dead and sense of Indiana Jones style adventure.

I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Walking among the final resting place of the remains and the remnants of a police investigation. I guess that’s what this job is like sometimes. We’re not ever supposed to have an opinion on anything anyway.