There should be a software application called “Cake” and then you’re slogan could be “and you can eat it to”… and you can make T-Shirts that say “eat it!”

And the program would be for letting us create Hollywood style special effects in our multimedia pieces.

(Hey I said the thoughts were random, I just had them as I was half asleep this morning.)

Also, marketing agencies should hire me to think like this all day for them.

Which brings up an interesting point, (no, not marketing agencies) why aren’t there more applications being designed for the purposes of multimedia? Soundslides is cool but where’s our version of After Effects and Flash (maybe CS3 will come to aid here?) and Pro Tools?

Or maybe you disagree? Maybe we should just learn to use the full packages that are already available. But if that’s the case, why are so many shooters using iMovie instead of Final Cut, Avid or Premier Pro?

Hmm… could it be because it’s easier.

IMO, the market is ripe for some enterprising company or individual to create the distribute the new software tools that will be specific to our craft(and you better get on it quick before the next Brian Storm-type realizes it).