What happens when you reach a path divided? After nearly 30 years as a successful neurologist in Europe, Luis Perez-Bayas couldn’t fill the void that was left when he pursued medicine at age 18. Now he’s foraging back to an unexplored path for a new kind of life that combines his knowledge of the brain with the creativity in his heart.

Last week I was fortunate to attend the Multimedia Master Class with Bob Sacha at the Maine Media Workshops. I can honestly say that Bob is one of the select few that really gets the subtlety of web video and never forgets that story is king. It’s been days since I left Maine and I’m still thinking about Bob’s words and perspective to approaching stories.

While there I managed to connect with Luis, a brilliant, and I know that word has been so overused that it’s lost all meaning, but there’s no other way to describe this neuroscientist with his hand in everything from psychotherapy, physics, brain imaging and for the last 30 years, a strong passion for 3D filmmaking.

We hit it right off the bat and spent exactly four hours together talking and filming. The end result is my portrait to a dreamer who inspires me to follow my passion in everything I do, even if it means being sidetracked for three decades.

I hope you enjoy it.