Ever have that feeling that you just have to blog about something? I’m looking at SLR and thinking, man it’s been dry around here for a while, it’s about time I write about something.

So you start thinking… gee, what to write about. Columnist can do it many times a week, why shouldn’t/can’t I?

So I’m thinking that I’ll blog about blogging and how one can become so engrained in this creation that it takes on a life of it’s own, people start to wonder what’s happened to you (I’m okay Mom, seriously) and you start to feel like you’re letting others down.

But wait, if you’re reading this you already know this… and I’ve just wasted your time.

Pretty stupid huh? Yeah, I’ll stop now while I’m behind.

Actually, new content that will be worth your time is coming in the next few days. (So stop asking me Ryan! Haha!) I promise.