Scrolling by Google Maps the other day, continuing with my OCD fueled need to always check the maps before heading out for an assignment, I noticed a little button for Super Tuesday elections.

I thought about writing something about how Twitter and Google teamed up to produce this real-time update of election proceedings with Twitter comments feed to the map along with primary results as they come in. Hey, finally a use for Twitter I understand!

But then I saw this comment fly across the map and luckily I was able to quickly get a screen capture because it’s way cooler!

It may be hard to read, but user “JPhilipson” of Hawaii is Twittering “When does Hawaii have their primary?”

A valid question or subversive humor of an outlander feeling left out?

It’s a new age, just your average Joe is now able to chime in and be heard, and become more than just a consumer but share in the dialouge.

Plus it’s a document of history and that’s pretty cool in my book.