More evolution than revolution, the San Jose State University School of Journalism has a new blog (I really hate this word).

JMCjobs lists current opportunities for internships. The same info that used to be posted on the bulletin boards along the walls is now available online, anytime! That’s a big deal!

And as Ryan Sholin points out, there’s even a RSS feed! So you won’t miss a thing. (Be sure to check out Ryan’s post, he’s complied a list of useful resources.)

I like the idea, (and there’s no way to say this without sounding callous, but it’s about time) but having visited it a few times now, I gotta say I find it lacking.

How about some category tags to get me and other students to the information that is relevant to us in a hurry? For instance, the current listings are all for marketing majors. Not much help to say a writer looking for a job writing about entertainment or a photographer looking for an internship.

I suggest a simple implementation of del.icio.ous tags with these categories:

  • Photojournalism
  • Writer
  • Marketing/PR
  • TV
  • Job
  • Internship

For that matter, there has to be a way for students to submit job postings they may run across on Craigslist or JournalismJobs that they’d like to share with others.

Usability is the issue.

It’s a start, now let’s add some polish.

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