Turns out I’m deeper than I thought. Or so says a friend (I think I suprised her).

I was talking to fellow SJSU photographer Ashley last week and we got on the topic of finding our callings and how we know.

When I offered up:

For the longest time I nvr knew what was next for me. I was one of those kids that shrugged his shoulders and panicked when the teacher would assign some hw on what we wanted 2 be when we grew up. Grow up? F*** that… but I guess we gotta grow up sometime.

She responded with:

Hey nice moment…i’m jealous… So tell me the master plan I am dying to know?

I didn’t see her e-mail until I came home from The Spartan Daily at around 2 a.m. When I saw it, I just started writing:

The master plan? It’s simple. You ever been in love Ash? Or at least crazy about someone. You know that feeling when you don’t care what you do, as long as you can sit across from that person and make them laugh.

That’s the master plan. When you find something that makes you feel like you can’t sleep until you’re doing it. That’s how I feel with photography. Like I know that this is what I want to do, and if I don’t give it a shot, then one day down the line, I’m going to wake up and wish I did. What’s the point of that.

I almost went down the money and security road, but I realized something. I gotta go after what I love. It’s like a sappy movie, I’m running in the rain throwing pebbles at the window of photo, b/c I don’t wanna wonder what-if for the rest of my life.

I may fail, but I can’t let that fear stop me. I’ve come so far, I gotta see it through.

That’s the master plan. So… what do you want to do Ash? Forget the money and the security… just think… if you can do anything…
what do you wanna do?

Ok, enough sappyness, let’s back back to serious matters.

So come on then, hit the comments and tell me what do you wanna do?