By the time many of you (hey, maybe both of you can compare notes!) read this I’ll be on my way to ABQ, New Mexico.

I’ve not said much about it thus far on SLR, but back in June I was accepted for a six-month internship at the Albuquerque Journal and I start on Monday at 8 a.m.

I’m excited. The paper is the largest in the state, number 86 in U.S. newspaper circulation and continues to produce quality work year after year.

And the paper was the old stomping ground for James Nachtwey (1976), Mike Davis, current Photo Editor at the Oregonian, and Robert Browman, current Senior Producer with Media Storm. Not a bad pedigree, and those are just the names I’m aware of, I’m sure there are tons more out there.

Plus everyone I’ve talked to about the city has had nothing but good things to say about it. Some have gotten their start there, others have raved about the people and one close friend met his wife and changed his life there.

However the thing that has got me really excited is the hiring of a new multimedia editor. I’m not sure if they’ve filled the position yet, but it’s a great gift for me to work with some like-minded folks.

Obviously it’s an opportunity ripe for taking advantage of and I’m aiming to do just that.

Ok, so with that I’m off, 16 hours, over a 1000 miles, plans to see the Grand Canyon along the way (maybe… or the four corners) and a project that I’ve been tooling around with for a few weeks now.

It’s time for me to take that left turn in Albuquerque.