Today the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit to stop President Bush from wire tapping Americans without a judge’s order. No word from Bush, but me thinks it may have been sparked by bad intelligence. (Psst… Bush is… well you know… it’s like beating a dead horse.)

Actor William Shatner sold his kidney stone today for $25,000 to a casino… you have to have some pretty big stones to be… oh wait, yeah.

So I’ve been in college way too long. I’m double majoring in Psychology and Reverse-Psychology. It seems to be taking a while… or maybe not?

Last night, Brokeback Mountain won the golden globe for best picture. I got to thinking, it has a great score, but what I don’t see is the name. I know you’re gay cowboys but take it easy. This isn’t Theodore Roosevelt‘s Rough Riders.

Last weekend Leyan Lo, a 20 year old Caltech student, set the world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube:
Rubik’s Cube– $9.99.
Setting a world record– 11.13 seconds.
Finally getting out of your mom’s basement and having something to lord over the jocks– Priceless

Well, next week I start school again. And this Friday I start my internship. Everything is about to get crazy…. there’s nothing funny about that.

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