Let me first preface this post by saying that I don’t like Carson Daly, he ranks right up there between Dane Cook and a kick to the groin from behind for me. Why do I say this? Because I am forced to admit that I was watcing his late night show after Conan ended tonight.

So Craig Ferguson ends and I flip over to NBC since Carson has the Silversun Pickups on and I’m still up doing homework, and what do I see in the monoluage.

San Jose State has angered students by banning beer pong at its college football games. This move is not only expected to hurt game attendance, but more importantly, it ruins thier shot at winning a national championship in beer pong.

Nice, not the most clever of jokes but SJSU gets a mention on national TV. No doubt because of Carson’s affinity for the region since he spent his early career here… maybe he’s not all bad… hmm… yeah, I’ll say he’s better than Dane Cook.

Honest, I don’t actually watch it, I just happen to have it on since I have all this homework. What? What do you mean I should watch Aqua Teen? I don’t have cable… thanks for rubbing it in… jerk…

Ok, stop looking at me like that. Come’on!