With all the social media and the blogs and vlogs (that’s still a thing right?) and the knick-knack and what have you, there’s a lot of stuff out there to keep you busy 24/7.

After IM’ing with an old college buddy the other night, I got to thinking about chat rooms. Are they still around and relevant I wondered.

In my search I came across Omegle, a random chat service that promises you connect you with a complete stranger for some circa 1997 typing goodness.

Sweet, that sounded pretty good I thought, so I gave it a whirl.

Right off the bat I kept getting dropped by people when I couldn’t answer their question. I’ve since learned that ASL, don’t stand for “Allo Sirs and Ladies” but for “Age, sex, location.” Wow, how to the point we are these days as our society gets ever faster and l33t.

That follows is my first and only real conversation for about 30mins of my time.