And the hits just keep on rolling for Ted Koppel, or KoppelCo. as I’m going to start calling it. (Feel free to use it. I know you’re going to steal it anyway.)

According to an AP story, Al Jazeera courted Koppel. No details were given on what the Arabic television news channel proposed to Koppel. It’s interesting to hear that this, as Donald Rumsfeld had called it, “outrageous” and “inexcusably biased” outlet is interested in a fair and un-assumed talent like Koppel.

But wait, I thought Al Jazeera was evil. I thought they were a radical America bashing network that spewed hatred and distrust every night at seven, followed by “Cooking weapons grade anthrax with Salem” at eight. Recent allegations in the Washington Post and BBC News have even suggested that President Bush considers the station so combative that it almost became a target of war.

They must be bad. So what would they want with a man of integrity like Koppel?

Maybe we over-generalized Al Jazeera? But that means our President and government, who presented the station in this light, doesn’t know everything. That they are generalizing to dupe the public into presenting, out of fear and ignorance, a united front of us vs. them. And that means… no… and everything…. it can’t…. my world, she is crumbling like a flaky crust of an apple pie fresh out of the oven. A pie called — America.