As the holidays end, the lights come down, the trees hit the curb, folks sober up and the world starts spinning again three things are a given:

  1. That scarf will just sit in your trunk until it’s to late to return it.
  2. Mr. Lopez isn’t going to take in his Menorah until March so stop buggin’.
  3. Everyone and their dog’s grandmother will have a list of the best and worst of the 2006.

When it comes to throwing stones and naming the worst of the worst you have to be ready to take the criticism… soooo… I’ll just take a cue from the current admission and let someone else fight my war (oh snap!) and deliver the blows.

Dennis Dunleavy, a college professor teaching visual journalism and reporting at Southern Oregon University and a fellow blogger has compiled a list of what he’s calling the lamest moments of 2006 in photography and I think it’s worthy of a gander.

Be sure to click through to Dennis’ blog for his explanation and comments.


Full disclosure: Dennis is my former instructor and a pretty good guy I also consider a friend.