It looks like newspapers have embraced ‘new journalism’ so strongly that they’re beating TV at its’ own game.

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences created a new Emmy award this year for news and documentary programs produced for websites, mobile phones, iPods and other such ‘new media.’

Surprisingly the most visual medium, the one with the most video experience and the one with the most practice in producing video– television — was completely shut out of the nominations.

Former CBS News president Andrew Heyward, who served as a judge on the panel, says the panelists were “struck by the fact that the finalists did not come from traditional TV sources.” He says results indicate that the Internet has leveled the playing field between print and electronic journalism and predicts that the “competitive arena is going to change as print companies become more fluent in use of video.” *source*

Of the seven nominations, five Emmy nods went to reports done by websites of the New York Times or the Washington Post. The other two went to National Geographic and MTV.

“We’re not a television network,” said Vivian Schiller, senior vice president and general manager of “For us, it’s not just video, it’s podcasting and slide shows and multimedia and blogs. It’s certainly our present, and it’s going to be more and more of our future.” *source*

I won’t name names, but there’s a certain person whose worst fears seem to be coming true. Fight it all you want, it’s only a matter of time.

The news and documentary “emerging media” award will be presented September 25 in New York. It could get very interesting.