The Spartan Daily Photo Staff — Fall 05
Clockwise from top middle: Elizabeth Nguyen, Kevin White, Ben Lui,
Daniel Sato, Phil Bedrossian, Shaminder Dulai, and Diana Diroy.
*Contact me for the sitcom pitch 😉

As the Fall semester at San Jose State University comes to a close, so does my tenure as a Photo Editor for The Spartan Daily, SJSU’s college newspaper. It’s a experience I wouldn’t trade for anything and I’m sure I’ll carry the memories for the rest of my days.

I would be remiss not to thank these wonderful people. Whether it meant consecutive 12 hour days, multiple weekend assignments, hours of commuting, or general difficulties within the newspaper or department; photographers Kevin White, Daniel Sato, Phil Bedrossian and Diana Diroy always stepped up and produced the quality work we’d become accustom to. I also have yet to mention my fellow photo editor, Elizabeth Nguyen. I’m positive, without her, I would not have had half the fun I did. (Who loves ya baby?)

For the staff. If you guys are reading this: Sad panda. It’s pedantic. Sigh. She’s leaving. Tear. Relax guy have a taco. Moot. Face. Hug. Baby. A boy can dream. Go away, I’m not ready yet. Where’s the 300. Are you an editor. Ok, take care. Belch. No flip-flops. You wish you could be me. I’m not putting it in. Cutout. Wet the bed too late and got up too early. Are you still talking. Chair Force. Cupcakes. Want a soda. Howl. Ewww. Wha-wha. Hmmm. Mmmmh. Yeah. Yeah. That’s my story.

Clockwise from top middle: Phil Bedrossian, Ben Lui,
Kevin White, Diana Diroy, Elizabeth Nguyen,
Daniel Sato and Shaminder Dulai

If I can get serious for a moment. I don’t believe an editor could have a better photo staff then this crew. The way they worked with each other– always there to pick up the slack for each other and offer words of encouragement. Sure we had our stumbles along the way, but it never slowed us down. If one fell another swooped in to carry on. Seeing these shooters work as well as they did and the level of work they produced while living full lives of jobs, classes and recreation — it boggles the mind how they did it. Now… there I go again. I’m taking poetic license. I know how they did it. It was passion that drove them.

One of my personal faves