Well another year has gone by, and this blog has been way too dead for way too long (again).

Since my last post much as changed, I’m now working at the Midland Daily News as part of my first rotation with the Hearst Fellowship.

While I’m learning to better my craft and learn a few things I’m also getting the opportunity to do some really personally fulfilling work. The type of civic-oriented long-form story driven documentary style work I always dreamed of doing when I first started down this path.

But more about that another time.

For now I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to remind you that as hard as it seems out there, it could always be worse.

I mean heck, even Santa has had to take on a second job.

Yet, as bad as it’s gotten with the economy, with lay offs, with our friends losing their jobs and the future of our profession uncertain, it’s important to remember to be grateful for the things we have and to always remember why we got into this business. (It certainly wasn’t for the pay right? Ha!)

So, if just for today, relax, forget about your worries and just try and have some fun. 🙂