A bit lite this week, with classes at SJSU starting on Wednesday I decided to error on the side of too much free time and only worked one day. So enjoy the two assignments I shot.

As always, please see my Flickr feed for caption info.

The first was about a potential change in the California primary. I was sent to the Register of Voters office to discover a moment. My contact was the county clerk, a very knowledgeable woman who was trying her best to find me a picture. After letting her know that won’t be necessary, as I prefer to find my own moments, I politely excused myself from her side and explored. While there I ran into a pair of students from UCSC and explored their space. I found my pictures with them, but I was thinking like a college paper photographer, the students aren’t the most intriguing. This paper’s reader was 25-80, not 18-25… the students weren’t exactly the story. The story was the primaries and the workload on the country clerk and thus I backtracked and focused on her. I’m just glad I realized it while still out on the assignment.

The second assignment of the day was a piece on a wood pellet shortage. I had never heard of these and found the topic intriguing, which helped in making conversation and putting my contact at ease. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, a good attitude and a few prime jokes are reflected in the end result.

So… again, apologies for the skim pickin’ this week, but that should change in the coming week. It seems I’ve earned the favor of the powers that be enough to cover for 2 of the 3 staffers this week as they leave for a golf tournament… I know what you’re thinking, they’re just giving you the work because you’re free intern labor… well I say, “meh, I’ll take it!” With gusto even.