A new virus has been making headlines lately, and this one is nasty. It targets photographers who use Photoshop. Which means it targets 99% of us. (It also targets your Microsoft Office files, but we got file info for captions.)

It’s a worm that users have unknowingly downloaded to their systems, and it’s set to wreak havoc come this Friday. (Hopefully you read this before the third.)

The good news is, an update is available for virtually all virus scanners, so as long as you update and run a scan before Friday, your precious files should be safe.

Today, I posted on Spartan Daily Online a very in-depth report from Spartan Daily staff writer and webmaster Ryan Sholin. Read up on all the details and check yo self, before you wreck yo self!

There’s also some free (as in legally) virus scanners out there. Dig around and you should be able to find one.