After giving us all a huge scare last week when was hacked, and according to Richard they messed it up so bad that he wasn’t planning on jumping back on in a hurry. (I know I couldn’t log in to the user panel at all, so it musta been something major.)

“RIP… I do not have the time or resources at this time to
continue. I wish you all the best.”

A little dramatic, but you can’t blame him, that was his baby. Plus with all else that’s on his plate, being an ambassador in the Merc newsroom, having to work in the lay-off ridden Bay Area and of course he’s so in demand (it’s nuts).

But all that doesn’t matter now. Thanks to a community that poured out in support and offered aid, Richard decided there was no way he was ready to lay it to rest and now MultiMediaShooter is back! (Which is good, b/c there are some real goodies in store… let’s just say, the site is entering a new era.)

Best of all, he took this disaster and turned it into an opportunity to create another short film (and his first foray into Vimeo)… correction, another AWESOME short film, with nice pants!

How to fix a Hack from richard hernandez on Vimeo.