It seems every multinational corporation from AT&T to Intel is creating a new logo these day. Perhaps Kodak just didn’t want to be left out.

Kodak Chariman and CEO Antonio Perez unveiled the new design during a speach at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). “This introduction is the latest step in the company’s broad brand transformation effort, which reflects the multi-industry, digital imaging leader Kodak has become,” said Perez.

The new logo seemingly goes along with Kodak’s renewed commitment to promoting digital photography. With announments of creating CCD and CMOS chips along with new models of camera (including one that takes a two lens approch to point and shoot) and coupled with it’s cease of production of Black and White paper. This are changing. It’s a new Kodak. And I haven’t even mentioned Kodak’s Assvertising campaign.

It seems wierd, but the Red K logo just feels like a part of Americana. But I guess nostalgia is overrated.