(I was looking through some of my unpublished articals and it looks like I forgot to publish this one… it’s been a few months… it was supposed to go up June 3)

Looks like I won’t be traveling with famed New York Times columnist Nick Kristof to Africa anytime. On a positive note, I didn’t get my hopes too high, so it doesn’t sting too bad…

J-School graduate Casey Parks, of University of Missouri, was the chosen one, so far I haven’t been able to find anything they’ve produced, but I have a feeling it’ll be interesting.

Read all about it

On a related note, why are the essays and such part of Times Select? Is that really the best use of the membership service? Thankfully a little digging finds an excerpt from the winning essay. Hey, I’ve never been on an airplane either.

…OK, it stings…

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