The University of New Mexico Lobo’s charged the field in their home opener against the New Mexico Aggies and we decided to give it the old Joe Wise college try.

Click the image to check it out.

Fellow ABQ intern Morgan Petroski suggested it after realizing it’s most likely the biggest game of the season and the first home game (she was right) and I decided to extend my 8am to 5pm shift to midnight (don’t worry editors, I wasn’t paid overtime for it) to help out.

She ended up needing a recorder so with a quick rundown of how to use mine she was off and running, recording all the sounds of the packed crowd and then sitting down to edit it together.

Meanwhile staff photographer Jim Thompson and myself took pictures of the game and the rowdy crowd and provided some of the sights of the game (read the captions to see who shot what).

The piece didn’t take long to put together, Morgan starting putting it together in the car as I drove us back the office and she bounced ideas off me throughout the process.

As you can see from the end result, it came together pretty well.

I think we made a good team, so well that I’m actually trying to think of new projects for us to work together on in the future.