It was just another of those men in pressed suits giving speeches about how great they are things, but for the veterans that came out to hear them I could see it meant a lot.

Fred was very interesting. At first he didn’t notice me, when he did he tried to force a smile and hide his tears, but after a moment he forgot all about me again. I stepped away after taking the picture, I felt that I had my image and could tell he wanted to let the tears out but couldn’t with my lens there.

About 5 min later I came back to get his info and we had a pretty long conversation. Very nice man who has lived a hard life. This job doesn’t pay much, but I love that I get to meet people like Fred everyday. (Ding! The more you know.)

Caption: Fred Cobley, a Vietnam vet, air force, tries to hold back his emotions during an opening prayer during a ceremony honoring veterans at Veterans Memorial Park, Sunday, November 11, 2007.

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