A couple of things that I’ve found in the last few days that are pretty awesome, IMHO… let’s go!

The Roanoke Times continues to push the envelope online and today I stumbled across a series with the staff photographers called Photos of the Year, where the staff talks about their favorite captures and the stories behind those images.

My only wish, please create these for everyone and make it a tab on their profiles. I love these and so far the only option I’ve found is to refresh the page over and over for more.

Constantine Manos’ Magnum piece, “American Color” is a case study in how and why to use color. Manos provides commentary that provides insights into how a BW shooter discovered and developed into a color shooter. Be sure to listen carefully as he talks about his pelican and boy picture, he nails what the decisive moment is all about.

When I was going over my portfolio for Eddie Adams with Dai Sugano and Richard Koci Hernandez of the Mercury News, one thing they made a point of asking was if the color was helping to tell the story in my images. As an experiment, try looking at the images and ask how different they would be without the color. It’s a necessity! How many images can we say that about?

And I mentioned it in another post, but I gotta mention it again, this NPR broadcast is a must. If you haven’t heard Paul Watson yet, do it!

And here’s a fun Flickr Vegas set from Noah K, the latest guy to do the old “take a picture of myself” bit and become an internet curiosity, but even if he is riding his 14th minute already, the man is undeniably talented. This is an amusing set that hearkens back the days with postcards ruled the land, complete with rounded corners.

Lastly, just for fun (and to have five because I’m OCD about it for some reason) here’s a fun website from deep deep within my own delicious feed. Now you to can be just like Jackson Pollock, only without the dancing and ballet music.

Well that’s that for now, let me know if you like this stuff and maybe I’ll do it more often.