Remember React juice? In my younger days I sported a pair of shoes with a liquid that promised something or rather with the endorsement of Larry Johnson. You remember him, he played for the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets and showed up in advertisements as Grand Mama, the dunking granny… the gimmick became such a phenomenon that he/she even played a game to 11 with Urkel once.

React juice flowed in the soles of the shoes. I never believed it, but it was cool to see the radio-active yellow liquid slosh around as you crossed over on the asphalt loudmouth on your way to the hoop. (Yeah I used to play, bet you didn’t know… well now you know.)

Not sure what Johnson is up to these days, but if Converse ever wants a new spokesman for the React juice, I suggest Daniel Sato.

(And the award for longest segue goes to… )

I’ve been meaning to mention it for a while; Daniel went to Kathmandu, Nepal thinking he was on his way to a internship.

It turned out, to put it mildly, not as advertised. Luckily Daniel’s the type that takes a look and realizes that it’s time to get out of a bad situation and not dwell on it.

He’s made the most of his time, by traveling, finding his own stories, exploring an NGO and making an overall something out of a potential nothing. Follow his journey and don’t forget to check out his pictures.