I wrote about Photosynth last year, with great excitement and at great length I might add (with too much length and excitement some of you might add) and after all this waiting and not seeing anything come out of it, I’m now getting all excited for the next evolution of this software.

The idea of a individual documentation being universally chained and bound to create a richer, deeper and more informative tapestry is exciting. And the new transition structure and ability to navigate “key frames” (my term, not theirs) around public images opens up whole new methods for structure and navigation. Plus now you don’t just point at stuff and zoom around, now you actually walk though it in near real-time.


Check it out in the video below (I’d say more, but I really can’t add to anything I didn’t say last year.)

If that video wasn’t enough for you, check out the SIGGRAPH 2008 conference paper the team submitted for all the jargon filled goodness.

Oh MS, I have a sneaking suspicion you’re just using this as tech demos that will be implemented in other products (MS Live Maps anyone? Google Maps street view killer perhaps?)– why do I let you rile me all up and get excited? Why?!