Blogging is a pretty simple endeavor, but I don‘t have to tell you that. (If you’re reading this, chances are you have a blog. Thanks for stopping by by the way. I hope you wiped your feet.) I quickly learned that making a blog is pretty hard. Not in the sense of setting one up or even finding stuff to write about. Those things seem to be coming at me pretty easily. The hardest part of blogging is coming up with a name. I spent exactly one week, after writing up my first articles, to come up with a title. And even then I didn’t get my title quite the way I wanted. “S(urrender) L(aughter) R(egularly)” may be what you see, but the full title is actually “S(urrender) L(aughter) R(egularly) – A student’s take on photojournalism.” Apparently there’s a character limit on titles.

Speaking of naming, another area I hit a snag was in the URL address. I wanted to keep it simple and just use my name. Imagine my surprise when I learned “SDulai” was already taken. There’s another “SDulai” and they blog no less! Well sort of; I checked it out and “SDulai” hasn’t posted since April 2005. The only post… about Calculus.

How Indian of them (I don’t know if they’re Indian, but it makes it funnier that way).

So just for giggles, here’s a few of the rejected names for this blog. I think I made the right choice.

Letterman said we couldn’t do a Top 10 list. Enjoy nine:

9. “Latent Ambience” Too pretentious

8. “Lens/Shutter: Camera!” Too fabulous

7. “f2.8” Too shallow

6. “Suitable for framing” Too cocky

5. “Distorted Edge” Too hair metal

4. “Typographical Journey” Too crafty

3. “Thoughts from behind the lens” Too pernickety

2. “ISO: ME!” Too clever

1. “Between the Lens” Too sexy

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