As my friend Daniel Esch said last week, “Dude we’re in beer country.”

When I woke up this (Wednesday, thanks blogger spambots… well actually Feb. 28 now, thanks life) morning I expected to see some snow on Mt. Hamilton and the hills behind my house, it wasn’t that unusual for up to an inch of snowfall on the peaks at least a few times each winter, but this time the snowfall was more more spread out and much thicker.

I have never seen the snow cover this far down the hill before and reports stated it was an astoniching four inches. If I’d had more time, I would of taken a drive up the hillside and gotten some better shots and thrown a snowball or two at anyone willing and able to engage in some frosty warfare, but I had to be an adult and go to work in Santa Cruz.

Of course if it snowed in San Jose, it also snowed in Santa Cruz. And just as I suspected, Ryan had already had his “let’s do online talk,” but then that’s what happens when you combine Ryan with snowfall.

Over at the Sentinel Shmuel Thaler was able to wake up early and capture the snow basking in the morning light, and produced a slideshow of what snow pictures should look like.