My latest endeavor, a show about finding homegrown entrepreneurs along America’s roadways, kicked off nearly a month ago in Chicago. For the last couple weeks I’ve been traveling cross country in an Airstream with a pair of brothers and producing a documentary travel show about finding homegrown heroes along America’s roadways.

Right now we have one show airing, a show on Aspen in the hopper, a Hawaii show in post-production, and as I write this I’m gearing up for our Montana show.

Episode one chronicles our adventures through South Dakota and is full of unexpected treasures in the people we met and experiences we were invited to share in. From the baker who gave up national TV appearances on Martha Stewart for the simple life to the rancher who decided to do things her way and didn’t blink when I asked to hang onto the roof of her four wheeler for my homage to David Lean as we drove over her miles of unpaved, rocky and cactus covered land.

Then there’s the stuff that didn’t make it into the show, like the advertising studio with a radio show about gardening and rock music or the chain of giant novelty statues that line the eastern edge of the state. Who knew South Dakota had it going on like that!?

I’ve been keeping mum about the project publicly as I fine tune and oiled up the rough edges behind the scenes.

I’m still unsure what form the show will take.

RIght now I’m trying to find the right balance between telling journalistic stories of people we meet and then interjecting the boy’s personalities into it. It’s part travel show like “No Reservations” meets the antics of “Jackass” meets the heart of “This American Life” and I’m just trying to find that balance.

Take a look and if you have a moment, leave me a comment with some constructive criticism and insults please. Or if you prefer something more private, e-mail me: sd(at) or send me a Tweet: @SDulai

It’s a work in progress so don’t worry about my feelings, every suggestion helps!