In a (not so) odd (if you really think about it) nod to Americana, Obama goes for the techie vote with this clever (plagiarized?) champaign ad.

I can’t imagine what Apple would say, I guess it’s nice that she’s paying homage to Apple by wearing an iPod… but wow.

If this takes off, and I have a feeling it just may given it’s “you gotta see this” vibe, it may the first political viral video to actually reach an audience. It’s going to be an interesting political year ahead.

A bit of nostalgia laden political spitfire targeted right to a specialized voting audience, you cheeky bastard Obama.

(And yes I realize that by posting this I’m going to become another cog in the machine the mainstream media will cite when they say “bloggers (yuk! I hate that term!) are talking about it.” As if somehow we give it merit… but I’m starting to talk (rant?) about a whole other topic and I better stop myself.)