A while back I (along with every other blogger out there?) posted about AngryJournalist.

Well, in those early days it seemed like a cool idea, but what I saw in the continuing weeks was very disheartening. I’m not talking about the few fights that broke out from people calling others out on not being more pro-active or vocal in the newsroom, I’m just talking about how much negativity it created. It made us look like all we do is complain about “idiot sources” “idiot editors” or “idiot publishers”… of course it’s all them, and everyone’s an idiot, never us.

It’s like we’re all just a profession of complainers.

What a downer.

(Although Ryan did make a good point… an annoying habit 😛 … about the fact that so many journalist are finding it at least, which means they are online themselves or listening to someone who is… but still)

Well, thankfully someone else felt the same way because Happy Journalist came along and left us also talk about the things that are working.

Whew… I guess I’ll take down that rope from the support beam in the living room now… (for now… dun-dun-duuuuum!)