So it’s a lazy Sunday over in the newsroom, I guess it’s another effect of that buffer created by the holidays.

So naturally my mind has started to wander and I’m starting to Think Out Loud again…

How come Divx never took off with newspapers? Higher bitrates translating into higher quality, even web native HD. More standardized across the interwebs means a larger community behind it creating neat-o plug ins. You can even create DVD style menu systems and language controls to allow users to navigate. Plus instant full screen that doesn’t interpolate the image, but actually maintains resolution.

I’m not saying we should all abandon Brightcove (which seems like the emerging newsroom standard), but I’m just saying I’ve noticed no ones experimented with Divx. And personally I think it’s a pretty nifty conductive.

Again, I’m just thinking out loud, I’ve been researching Divx the last couple days and it just kinda dawned on me.

In other news, isn’t it funny how we decide how to read a newspaper?

While flippin’ the paper this morning I ended up reading a story not because the picture drew me in, or the headline grabbed me, or the San Fransisco dateline, or someone’s lede or by-line hooked me… no I ended up reading a story about MC Hammer and his endeavor into viral videos because I know the AP photographer who took the picture.

Haha, kinda funny how when you’re away from home, seeing a familiar name in the newspaper brings a smile to your face. (Hey Jeff Chiu, it’s Hammer time indeed 🙂

Finally, can someone please tell me, why do birds suddenly appear, when you’re near?

Seriously I’m getting tired of washing my car, can’t you like… iono… turn it off?