I sat in on a lecture about social media recently and a gentleman asked the speaker what was the point.

It was an interesting question, and answer seemed obvious. To explore new art forms and models of communication. To bring a simple medium to the people. And ideally to collaborate.

The first two have been happening, I don’t always get it, but the 3rd one not to much.

It seems the premiere use of the social web has been to tell everyone how great they are, (BTW I’m great), or if you prefer PR jargon, to life-cast. Collaboration is in the minority. Like drinking tap water, everyone thinks its a great idea but no one does it.

Well this week I’m writing about something where people are doing it, and it’s the most inspired I’ve been in weeks.

It’s a collaborative music project where folks have recorded “instruments” and then, by employing YouTube and its pause/play button and volume control, invites you to come and create a mix.

Oh, and it’s addicting.

I’ve played this three times now, mixing the elements in different orders and each time it not only works, but it creates a sound scape that tells a different story, with different characters and different emotions.

It’s brilliant!

When sound boards starting coming out they were fun but of little use once the novelty wore off.

Then came the beat pads and drum loops, my god I loved those. I’ve spend hours playing with them.

But now this, this is the next evolution! Turning it into a living breathing collaborative animal. Well almost, It lets me mix it my way, but I’d sure love an option to upload my own “instrument” to the mix and really make it a “social” experiment.