What? You say I’m phoning it this week? Look, Spaced is about showing respect for your audience to get it without spelling it out, telling an honest story, making it entertaining and most of all, understanding your consumer and how to reach them. Sounds a lot like journalism no? Aren’t we all trying to figure out how to reach a new audience and getting them to value our craft enough to want to pay for it? Plus, I think you’ll agree, we’re a much more cynical America then the one of of just ten years ago, people are more media savvy, they demand transparency and they demand to be included in the discussion and they want to feel like you get it, that they get it (even if they always don’t, sorry, but it’s sometimes true).

But seriously, inspiration is where you find it. If you’re not listing to music, visiting art museums, sketching, cruising YouTube or looking at some other form of creativity other than inside the journalism field, then you my friend are only cheating yourself.

Now go enjoy a kick @$$ show. 😀