This site just started popping up over the last couple of weeks. It wasn’t exactly clear what it was about at first, but it looked intriguing.

We choose the moon was an interactive site that attempted to relive for another generation what the experience of the first moon landing was for our parents and grandparents. It being the 40th anniversary of the moon landing it seems only obvious that it be this weeks Time out.

Played out in real time, the AOL, JFK Presidential Library and Museum and NASA designed site, followed the Apollo 11 mission from pre-launch to the final lunar landing encouraging visitors to explore the Flash site at whim and follow history.

By employing video, archival audio from the capcom, infographics, motion graphics and various twitter feeds, “followers” were able to get up to the moment “communication” from the mission.

It was all a very impressive effort and maybe a sign of things to come. I can see the next moon landing, we’re on track to return to the moon last I heard, or even a mission to Mars being “followed” this way. Heck forget space travel, I’d sure like to see other forms of reporting done in this “sandbox” style.

40 years ago all they had was TV antennas, newspapers, and magazines. Today, well if you’re in the business, I don’t have to tell you, it’s a whole different story.