I recently had the opportunity to edit the week in pictures slideshow for Newsweek/The Daily Beast and culled together a slice of the world. It’s a small slice of the world, but it’s my view of the world. These are the everyday people whose lives we never cross and yet here they are, existing, living.

Not to get too abstract, but people are fascinating. Understanding the the other isn’t such an “other” but another reflection of the self makes the world seem smaller. Our cameras may funnel life and record a reflection of what we “see” but that is only a fraction of the story. The moment of reaction and connection before the shutter and the action of experiencing a join experience in the moment followed by the reflection for the self and unto all those who shall see what your eye and camera saw in this brief moment in time, that is the truth and mystery of photography. That is where it is, that is the power of an image to bridge an ocean.