So I never was one for the meme thing, but it looks like it has struck again.

In December Ryan Sholin “tagged” me, I didn’t see it right away and figured that the window of obligation had expired, but then wouldn’t you know it, my good ole’ pal Daniel Sato decided to extend me another invitation.

Thanks pal, as Johnny would say, may your sister be assaulted by a horny yak! Hiii-hooo!

Ok, so let’s get on with this trust-fall-walking-on-coals-I-love-you-guys-hippy-festival-of-colors. (Whoo! Triple word score!)

Five things you might not know about me,
but now I’ll tell you and ruin the opportunity
to tell you these stories properly later

1. Before photojournalism I was a writer and wrote movie reviews and video game news.

2. Before that I was majoring in architecture and almost went to Texas A&M where I either would have said the wrong thing to George Bush and had to run away while he looked for a dictionary to decipher “urinal” or at least had a cool story of the time I rode a bull only to lure out the cute girl clown who later would go on to confuse Bush with the word “no.”

3. I hate you guys for making me think of things I haven’t told you and trying to do this… damn you guys!

4. I’ve never taken a vacation.

5. I don’t hate you guys.

6. I’m not taking this seriously.

Q. I can’t count.

Ok… but seriously, what’s a meme?!