Sometimes you just have to sit back and say… wow… just wow.

I came in today to the internship and shot six assignments and produced a multimedia piece, so all in all, not bad.

But just looking it over, in the end it was one crazy day. A crazy racist lady wanted to know where I’m from. Which country actually. I offered up Canada but she didn’t laugh.

I also got to walk around all over town today, up and down and up again many many times, which was a nice alternative to driving all over the place. But that doesn’t mean I got to avoid driving all together and went to a softball game and spent 20 minutes trying to find a hole in the fence so that I could actually get near the game, and everyone I asked was no help.

One guy on the other side of the fence had no idea how he got there (what?!) and despite his 500mm, had no idea who was playing (what?!?!)

Eventually I made my way around, but not before one lady insisted that I take a certain path… to which I foolishly obliged and quelled my doubts – seriously I got to stop being so polite – of course it was a dead end and I had to back track. But once I got there… the game was delayed (of course) and it would only start 30 minutes before my next deadline (se la vie).

Then I ran into the usual “good karma” hippie beatnik speed heads downtown. Normally they find me very interesting and cool because they think just because I’m Indian I must have some deep spirtual answer to thier quest for the meaning of life. (Finally a place where my skin color is the cool thing.) To bad I wasn’t in the mood as I’m growing tired of all the misconceptions folks have of my culture and how they buy into the manufactured image of incense and sitars… whoa whoa whoa!!!!

I’m starting to rant now… so I better go to bed now.