So it dawned on me last night while I was sitting in the car before going into a friends home to crash on yet another couch, pretty soon I’m going to get very busy.

As I mentioned, I’m in for a Hearst Fellowship, which begins in mid-August. What I haven’t mentioned yet is that I’m also a Poynter Fellow this summer (again, braggers aren’t doers, blame my mom’s upraising for not letting me talk about it sooner, I’ve known since January), which ends in mid July.

So… looking at the calender I have one free month in between these to amazing opportunities and I was thinking I haven’t traveled much in my life.

We never took vacations when I was younger, actually come to think of it, I’ve never taken a vacation to this day. I hadn’t really ever been outside of California or lived anywhere for an extended period. Heck, my first ride on an airplane wasn’t until last June when Diana and I flew to Portland for the NPPA Summit workshops.

Point is, I haven’t really seen much of this world, which is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a child.

I remember turning in assignments of all the far away places I wanted to go to as a child. Florida and Australia held some sort of sway over me for some reason. I imagine because they were so far away and different. Or many I just really wanted to see Disney World and Kangaroos… iono. At the same time I always dreamed of one day taking a sailboat around the world and seeing everything (I kind of still have that dream, only now I have a crew on the sailboat who know what they’re doing)

So today I’m thinking… I have a free month… who knows when I’ll have a month off again to travel… pretty soon I’ll be working and won’t have the chance again… I’ve always wanted to travel… where would/should I go for a month… where?

So… I’m opening it up for suggestions… where in the world should I go? What’s a good place to spend a month and experience something different? Where would you go if you were in my shoes (size 10 1/2 so they might be a little loose on you laddies)?

Give me some ideas folks! I’m listening!