Ok, I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for Canon to start up their fall rebate program so I can pick up some much needed gear and still nothing.

I seem to recall them starting it up in September in the past, but when that came and went I figured maybe October. They did start up the Spring program a month late, maybe they’re doing the same.

But now we’re more than past the midway point of October and still nothing.

They did however quietly drop the price on the 5D by $200, not a ton, but that’s a sweet hunk of gear. (Maybe once the rebates start up that’ll drop another $600- sweet!)

Or maybe this is Canon’s move toward introducing a new 5D?

My prediction: The day after Nikon releases the D3, Canon will announce the 5Dn, a new camera that comes in at the old 5D price point and incorporates the new goodies that have found their way into the MarkIII, Rebel XTi and 40D.

Update: Just before hitting publish I decided to check just once more and look at that, the program has begun- but with no bodies included! WTF?! Lame Canon, very lame.