No explanation necessary

Well maybe just a little.

On the left is the before and hench (logic would follow) on the right the after.

A while back, I came into the Spartan Daily to find my computer thethered with an anti-theft device… wait for it… to a table leg of a very light table. Yes, folks this is the measure of protection my computer waranted, and just in the nick of time no less, a day later and some weak and lazy thief could have walked off with the unit.

Seeing this, I decided I was really going to hit the point home. I removed the cord from the table leg and tacked it on the wall. Absurd — you bet. Funny — heck yeah! Annoying to the brass — the best part!

Plus now I can walk the computer anytime I want. Read your manual folks, the iMac needs to be taken for walk every week.