Recently I was interested in placing slideshows on the blog to show off photo stories and other projects (I shyed away from the idea of a photoblog, choosing rather to keep everything in one place).

I ran across Lightbox JS, but it required hosting the code somewhere, and I was in no position to do this.

As I kept looking about, I read an article on Ryan Sholin’s blog about new internet toys and was directed toward Slideroll. A device of the so called Web 2.0 future (whatever that marketing fluff may be).

As an experiment I decided to play with Slideroll and created the below. The program is very simple and clean and it works with Flickr which makes it very simple. I didn’t try it with any of the other hosting services out there, but I imagine it should work just as well, however I doubt just as easily.

Without further ado, here’s Series One of the Cutout saga. (Collect them all!)

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Slideroll has a lot of the simple editing controls, including simple panning and push and pull movements to add some flash. It throws in variable intervals for each image and transitional fades to round it out. Where it utterly fails is in the sound department. It allows you to select some pre-loaded sound samples, but they all sound like the concoctions of a Chinese back alley bootleg of a Wham! and Talking Heads mash up… and who wants sytho-crap to begin with?

I was excited to see the option to add sound, however it fails by not allowing you to upload your own music. I supposed copyright concerns kept the simple feature out, but a simple TOS agreement would have taken care of that. Maybe in the future, but for now, this is a very annoying limitation. I’ve always said half of the presentation is the audio, Slideroll misses half the point.