Life magazine staffer, Magnum agency member and founder the International Center of Photography, Cornell Capa, died Friday at his home in Manhattan.

He was also the younger brother of Robert Capa, but in many ways he’d made a name for himself outside of his shadow. Like his brother he had started with war photography, but soon left it, saying:

“two war photographers in the family was too much,” the younger brother concentrated on “opening the door to worlds that people would not have seen otherwise,” with a portfolio that ranged from scenes of political oppression to candid shots of Marilyn Monroe. He coined the term “concerned photography” to describe an emotional engagement with his subjects that often blurred the border of journalistic objectivity.

“I am not an artist, and I never intended to be one,” Capa said. “I hope I have made some good photographs, but what I really hope is that I have done some good photo stories with memorable images that make a point, and, perhaps, even make a difference.”

Check out his Magnum page for a slideshow of his work.