Days ago I ran across a peculiar e-mail in my inbox. It seems the first steps in the Adobe and Macromedia marriage have been taken as Adobe re-released CS2 as a version bundled with Flash.

It’s not quite CS3, but it’s an exciting development that hints at things to come.

It’s not to hard to imagine seamless flash integration within Photoshop, Illustrator, or GoLive (maybe then I’ll actually venture into the latter app). We could create a flash slide show as simply as we import and render an mpeg in Premiere. Take Illustrator projects and give your creations life with movement and sound. And for us photographers, we can give our websites a splash of style while taking advantage of the copyright protections built into Flash. Best of all, using flash will become like using Acrobat– simple creation and with no qualms of meeting user end compatibility.

In essence the grand scheme introduced with the CS line would be complete. Assured compatibility between apps is nice, but now we would have a reason to really crank it open… to borrow a term long lost of its flavor, there would be synergy within the systems.