What a day! Friday was day one of my internship with SVCN and boy what a day! I tell you, getting ready for the first day of work is like getting ready for the prom. I spent twenty minutes trying to comb my hair toady, and even then it didn’t satisfy. But enough about my encroaching OCD.

If you’re a student interested in a career in photojournalism, an internship is a must. The industry very much still believes in paying your dues and climbing the ladder. And in reality, even the best of us don’t know everything, a little practice and experience never hurts.

When I arrived at the Los Gatos office, the photo editor hadn’t arrived yet and the roller coaster was still on the way up. I received the grand tour, was warned to put my name on anything I put in the fridge and discovered the glorious midday light that shinned through the rear window. (I got plans for that window.)

Next I was shown to the photo desk and left to my whims. I spent the hour Googling myself… (wait for it)… and then they handed me a computer. Hiiii-Hooo! But seriously, working on a pair of community papers (the Los Gatos satellite office produces The Saratoga News in addition to the Los Gatos Weekly Times) with an existing staff of one (that would be the aforementioned photo editor) means you have to hit the ground running. It’s stressful but if you get high on taking pictures, it’s an exhilarating rush.

I won’t bore you with the details, you’re probably reading this and asking “what’s an internship like?” Well, it’s like being in school and being at work. Everyone tries to teach you and share their wisdom, but they also expect you to come through in the clutch and treat it like a job rather than a gig. It’s the perfect learning environment. Real world pressure and pace, but at the end of the day you can always find an ear and a pair of eyes to go over your work. (Today’s leason, flash is your friend)

I seem to know a bit more about toning and Photoshop than my editor and he definitely knows a bit more about reading light than I. So we’re going to teach each other you could say. I have the feeling that this is the start of something good.

I’m going to open it up to you readers now– hey Albuquerque, cut that out– what do you want to know about the internship process?