I can’t make it unfortunately, darn this actually working and getting paid to take pictures thing, but we worked real hard at SJSU to pull this off so if you make it, let me know what you thought.

Also, check out the new site we created for the short course.

To keep the theme of new media and embracing the change of our industry we started brainstorming months ago about how we as a campus can push that envelope, one of the simplest ideas we had was to create a website and post Flickr feeds, videos, blogs, podcasts and slideshows to it.

That came to fruition a few days ago when http://sjsushortcourse.wordpress.com/ went live.

Check it out and while there click on over to the local days events and national events links to get a run down of everything you can expect.

And if you feel like participating, (blog some? Flickr some? Video some?) be sure to hunt down Daniel Sato (he’s the fellow in the video on the SJSU website) and he’ll get you all set up.

Have a blast, wish I was there.